Lost call sign

I reloaded windows and thought I had saved the 29 folder before reinstalling windows but ooppps I saved the 28 folder instead. :frowning: So I try and give myself call sign that I had used before and it said in use. Any way to get that to attach to the game? :frowning:

You can use your data from 28 on 29, it will work.


You can use profile data from any version of the game (even version 1).

When upgrading, make sure to delete any folders for versions greater than the one you need, because if the game finds a more recent profile, then it will not upgrade your old one.

Got it Thanks

Is it possible to make the game check for all versions in that folder and then list all accounts found before logging in? That would prevent the usual “newest version is a tier 1 account but previous version has my tier 99 account” cases.

uhh what do you mean “greater”?



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