Looking for Squadron

Hi guys. I play the game over 20 days now, very active. I love Chicken Invaders Games played them all. Now i wold like to know is there any possibility to search for a Squadron. Or is there a forum where i can send an application to join active Squadron

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Sure, i can help you. What’s you in-game name?

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Elfkiller here and in Game also Elfkiller

Thank you!!!

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I have sent you an invitation. :heart:

Thanks will be on in 15 min tops.

Minasameh do you have any Tips for me what kind of Perks to use on missions to get the best % Multyplayer at the end of the Mission?

Use fork, pershiable items like bullet expander or magnet, or buy a better ship.
You can buy always-on items. (upgradeable)

Do you have discord?

Yes i do but never use it exept fo another game , there was a link i joined they accept and i joined. Have no clue how to join your chanel, but if helps my nick name there is Adolfina

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