Lmao these names are hilarious

This is not good that you show other player’s profiles. They could add him to their contacts and compare. No need to post in forum :unamused:


You can send contact requests to anyone, since you have callsign.

Some players (pro’er than me) had explore the whole galaxy in before

That’s why I said “usually”. :wink:

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You should not expose somebody’s info through a topic, its not a necessary thing to do.


so? people say “yOu ShOuLn’'T eXp0sE sOm31nS pRof1lE”. ← this doesnt makes any sense, since you all can look at it at ANYtime. some people like me maybe dont know that you can do this but you can and it is a public info, so there is nothing wrong about to post them. as you said, people can look at it when they want, so its not exposing, its showing. it may not be necessary to some people, but people may would like to see your progress because of that many starships over there. it’s general

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Yes, so don’t make a thread for it, post it in the general chatting place. Topics are for important ideas and feedback, random stuff goes into Chatting Place. Also, calm the fuck down.


so you’re saying that i need to post them in different places? man, you sound like these cringy discord mods who yell “nO m3MeS iN gEnEr4l!1!!”. why you all spread hatred, what i have done, posting public info to there? you say;

but person/people who need to calm down is not me.


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Yes. Well, personally I’d rather have you not post them anywhere (because I frankly couldn’t care less about you finding someone’s spacecraft naming convention funny), but if you must then chatting place is the correct place for it. You also put this post in the #early-access category, into which it clearly doesn’t fit.

Also, I’ll allow myself to go for a little personal attack, how… peculiar must your sense of humour be for you to find this funny?


if its not hilarious for you, just move on.
also please dont bring that discord mod manner here.

How can you tell if someone is a Discord mod? That’s suspicious.

i didnt said he was a dc mod, just his manner/behavior exampled below.

The point is, that kind of behavior would be inappropriate moderation if it were a Discord server, which this place isn’t, as you may have noticed. This is the official forum for reporting bugs and constructive discussion about the game’s design. The person in question is very much justified in telling you to post this someplace else, because #early-access is meant for serious feedback about the game, or important announcements. This is an organized forum.

One final consideration: this forum is moderated by the developer himself, and you’re only embarrassing yourself here.

people have been posting stuff that isnt a bug report etc. like “post your spaceship” etc.

then where should i post them? chicken invaders catagory?

how though?


that was why



Then read description of Chicken Invaders category too.

Early Access is a place for bug reporting, troubleshootings and game improvements.
Chicken Invaders is a place for “share your things” and gameplay only.

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ngl i cringed my eyes out looking at this thread


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we need to exorcise our eyes with latin prayers