Lmao these names are hilarious

These stuff made my day so i decided to post them here

It feels normal if you see these stats about him

As you can see, he has the 6th place on league.

Btw, i have to upload a lot of photos to show every single stats of someone’s profile. please do something about it.

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shouldnt this Neutro-Post have been posted on chatting place instead of a thread like this


Well afsge option already exists for everyone, so you don’t need to show everyone’s stats. :wink: They do whenever they want.

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i dont know

but people dont know your location or couldnt get to your location. also you might change your location so here it is

Most players don’t even know who am I or you and don’t care about other players. If they want, they can send me a contact request.

You should know making fun of other players isn’t really funny. Seriously, stop!

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Im not making fun of you lmao bruh. The only hilarious thing was your spacecrafts’ names thats it. also you’re in 6th place in league there is nothing to make fun of. The point of sending your stats was your accomplishment and the galaxy exploration etc. Man you dont get my point.

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Well, we do. It should have been posted there.


They are Neutro forces with their abilities. That’s all. No idea why did you found them funny. :confused:

As what I said, players usually don’t care about accomplishment of anyone and don’t care who they are. If they want to see mine, I’m ok with that. If they wanna know my location, they can send me a contact request.

neutro-ship names was funny to me and i think you dont find it funny because you’ve made them and alr seen them too many times.

i forgot that contacts are existed because i dont have one

galaxy exploration is 100 percent dudeee its the first time i saw it. there are a lot of places to explore, so making it %100 is hardwork lmao.

it depends on the guy who you’re speaking to. i also dont really care about accomplishments but as i said, your stats was way higher than average, which was the whole point of this.


This is not good that you show other player’s profiles. They could add him to their contacts and compare. No need to post in forum :unamused:


You can send contact requests to anyone, since you have callsign.

Some players (pro’er than me) had explore the whole galaxy in before

That’s why I said “usually”. :wink:

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You should not expose somebody’s info through a topic, its not a necessary thing to do.


so? people say “yOu ShOuLn’'T eXp0sE sOm31nS pRof1lE”. ← this doesnt makes any sense, since you all can look at it at ANYtime. some people like me maybe dont know that you can do this but you can and it is a public info, so there is nothing wrong about to post them. as you said, people can look at it when they want, so its not exposing, its showing. it may not be necessary to some people, but people may would like to see your progress because of that many starships over there. it’s general

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Yes, so don’t make a thread for it, post it in the general chatting place. Topics are for important ideas and feedback, random stuff goes into Chatting Place. Also, calm the fuck down.


so you’re saying that i need to post them in different places? man, you sound like these cringy discord mods who yell “nO m3MeS iN gEnEr4l!1!!”. why you all spread hatred, what i have done, posting public info to there? you say;

but person/people who need to calm down is not me.



Yes. Well, personally I’d rather have you not post them anywhere (because I frankly couldn’t care less about you finding someone’s spacecraft naming convention funny), but if you must then chatting place is the correct place for it. You also put this post in the #early-access category, into which it clearly doesn’t fit.

Also, I’ll allow myself to go for a little personal attack, how… peculiar must your sense of humour be for you to find this funny?


if its not hilarious for you, just move on.
also please dont bring that discord mod manner here.

How can you tell if someone is a Discord mod? That’s suspicious.