Little bug noticed

Hello! Recently, I’ve noticed a little bug at the Space Crab 2.0.

When throwing suns, the sun in his lower right hand gets stuck for a second. Is this a a real bug, or is it just visual?


i think it is cause its happend to me before but rarely

Where do you normally place your spaceship? Bottom of the screen? Left? Right? Close to the Crab (between the arms)? Do you fly between the arms at all?

If an arm can’t find a suitable line-of-sight to your spaceship (to launch the sun directly at you), then the sun will be automatically launched at the very end of its trajectory. This will tend to look a little jarring (like the sun is getting stuck), because the arm slows down at the end (but the sun is still launched at full speed).


Yes, I usually fly between the arms when he’s throwing suns at me.

Thank you for the explanation! :grin: