Limited Gun Fires

What’s your idea about missions that you have limited gun fires?
For example you can fire 1000 times only.(or more?!)
This way the player have to manage his fires.

It can be endurance too and with a powerup that increases your fires. And when your fire numbers reach zero you will lose mission

The number of fires you can do is based on these things:
Sorry for bad english.:grimacing:

This would be extremely hard to program and/or balance. It would be basically and dont die mission on harder difficulties as you couldnt afford losing power.

I dont think programming that be too hard
Its just a number that is decreasing and when its zero you will lose the mission

No it wouldn’t.

I think it’s intrinſically unſtable, ſo tryïng to balance it is a fool’s arrand.



Maybe ok on touriſt? Certainly not enough on any of the harder difficulties.
Still, at leaſt you’d be guaranteed an iceman medal if you won.

Yeah, it probably isnt, but I meant that the mission generator would also generate a balanced amount of shots each mission based on enemies inside.

Its just an example for harder difficulties it is more

The thing is, some weapons have a much higher DPV than others. Any automatic weapon would be pretty much useless in this scenario. How would you even balance that out?

You wouldn’t. BWAHAHA!


1)what is DPV :smile:
2)there are two ways:
A)this type of mission is just for some special weapons
B)the amount of 1 fire will be like the amount of when you click just once with the automatic weapons.
Hope you understand (B) :grimacing:


Damage per volley

The number of fires you can do is based on these things:

No, just no.

You mean the idea is bad or something else?

Yeah, why would it differ based on the weapon?

Because of diffrent DPVs

Well you have a point.


Looks like…
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