Let's write the Chick o' pedia!

Welcome to the Chick o’ pedia:
The free and all-knowing (from “C” to “I” with also a bit of “U”) encyclopedia

For everyone that doesn’t know yet:
The Chick o’ pedia is an upcoming feature of Chicken invaders Universe that will resemble a “chicken bestiary” and will be one of the last upcoming features of the game to be implemented.
The user of the forum can post here their Cick o’ pedia entries, so IA will get inspirations and less work to do.

I know that rules are boring… but this topic needs some:

1)Your entry need the NAME and a PICTURE of the enemy that you will describe.

2)Remember: “The great Henperor of universe” does not care about his subjects and treats them all like weapons at his service and really enjoy to inflict them pain and use them as guinea pigs (for "guinea pigs I admit that I used google translate. Sorry if this will make misunderstandings)
(This is only a “remider”)

3)Bosses needs the tag

4)Remember: Chicken invaders has a lot of humor so… be creative and do the same developers did!

5)You are allowed to share descriptions only in one other language than english per post (Better Explanation: You can write the entry for Mr. Big chick #54318964 in ONE languages other than english)

6)Everyone must post only one entry per enemy (but can post all the entries they want)

  1. Feel free to bump this topic if you want to share your entries

First entry (use this as an example)


Role:Armored enemy

These tough guys are genetically modified to withstand extreme living conditions in deep space and to synthesize green bundles of brain energy instead of eggs with only the side effect of hating pancakes.
What a convenience!


Metal-suit%20Chicken Metal-suit%20Chicken%20(Pudgy) Metal-suit%20Chicken%20(Military)

Name: Metal-suit Chicken
Role: Armored enemy
Special: Come in all three possible Chicken breeds (so far)

These chickens, donned with special state-of-the-art space armor™, may not seem like the biggest possible threat, but they SURE pack a punch! These guys have the capacity of shooting lasers at your current position. For the military guys, well, if you guessed that they can dodge your attacks, then you’re right. Also, the suits are kind of uncomfortable, so… that’s that.


Theſe ſhould actuälly have an entry each, in my opiniön.


I feel like rule 3 and 2 is just you.


I wrote a single entry for the group, mostly because there’s little behavior difference between the three.

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Can I say “fixed”?

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