Let's talk about supernova mission (for CIU)

(Hello guys!)
Today I need to talk about supernova mission for CIU!
I have played supernova mission on CI4 for 2 years!
This mission was suggested by Interaction studio!

What should we do to make a good supernova mission?
Can you send me the screenshots (fan arts) for CIU?

Tell me on comment Bellow :grinning:

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Here’s my idea:
Supernova could be combined with regular enemies,so you’d have to fight both chickens and supernova. But I don’t mean that chickens would come like they do in feather fields of yolkon in ci4,I mean that some regular chicken invasion waves would appear,and you’d have to complete them while also having to go through the supernova debris. Sorry if I didn’t explain it well enough,but I hope you understand the idea.


…And bosses can have some debris floating slowly, like fake asteroids in CI2, but slower and you can destroy them. They shouldn’t make game realy hard but they should be destroyable and can kill you.

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It’s like a robot or something?

I agree with you!

Asteroids which can’t kill you. They have no collision.

Oh, I think it’s gonna be hard!

@InterAction_studios take notes from this :smile:

good one

Red background with CI4 music 4.

In the store OFC.

It should be red, but not the background from CI4 because its terrible.

It supposed to be red & orange like on CI4 right?

Maybe it will be the universe star field red. Like now when you are on hot planet or star.

Who wants to see supernova mission on V14?

Soon. Supernova is not on the list update V14