Let's talk about avatars

Avatars, a.k.a pictures for usernames is a topic that I haven’t seen being discussed here (correct me if I’m wrong). We should talk about them here. Here are my ideas:
-Avatars should be shown next to the player’s username/ID in-game, in a circle (just like here :D)
-Guests might get a simple avatar. Like an egg, or something to symbolize that they are only guests. Of course there’s the option of not giving guests an avatar of any kind.
-Players with the Chicken Hunter License can choose from some more complicated avatars by start (e.g. specific types of chickens, bosses, etc.), or they would also be allowed to choose a custom avatar.
What do you think? Share your own ideas/suggestions here!


I want a chicken sound when someone reply :chicken:


But it only should be optional :slight_smile: