"Lethal Connections" And "Tribute" Waves From CI5

After playing the game for a while (I’m almost Tier 40) I’ve noticed that I never came across to these 2 waves which were in CI5. Has anyone gotten these waves at some point or if they really aren’t in the game will they be added in new updates? As far as I have noticed these are the only 2 waves missing from CI4 & CI5 (I’m not counting missions like supernova, popcorn, artifact recovery etc.)

I think that they use the Tribute level only for CI5. This whole level explains a ‘‘Tribute’’ to Space Invaders from what i heard. Wich level was Lethal Connections?

This one.

The only other regular waves from CI5 it’s missing are Popcorn, Amazing Maize and Satellite Stock (though that one makes sense as to why it’s not included).