Legendary tracking topic

That was hours ago when it happened.

nice i found that legend
so im buy it from shady dealers yesterday legend bx-9.

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list of rarity items:

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If the chart looks different, then that’s because it is.

I’ve made a couple changes to the sheets to hopefully make using the chart easier. One of the main changes is that instead of entering the coordinates of the dealerships themselves (which change over time due to orbiting), now the coordinates of the stars they orbit (which do not change) will be entered instead. Now there should be no ambiguity with locations.

Then, there’s the second sheet:

Now you can denote a searched dealership by just ticking a box (did I only just discover this? Yes I did), and the star coordinates now have their own cells.

IMPORTANT: If you want to copy and paste the coordinates directly into the cells, you will have to paste only the cell value (Ctrl + Shift + V) otherwise the cell colours will be changed. Turns out any cell conditioning I try to add will just get ignored. I’ve got no solutions to this so far so sorry about the extra effort.

Anyway, I’m hoping this makes the chart a bit easier to use. Still missing a Rare Beryllium heat sink, again if somebody finds it please update the chart. And that’s it, you’ve got 27 days so make them count!

Thanks HuyTheKiller from the CID for helping me with the redesign.


How much is legendary VF-76?

more than 1

I meant the cost

more than 1 key

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Ahhhhh you don’t know how much it costs either​:joy::joy::joy:

i know but you have to guess

come and check

Depends on local price fluctuation as items with rarity cannot be obtained from Galatic store.
It can go as low as 3.7k keys or as high as 4.1k keys (doubling the price for non-CHL owners makes it even more painful).

Yeah and i asked for the price of legendary VF-76 that loacted to 092+650 according to the sheet just so i cannot waste fuel without selling all the food first. I have almost 88k food and planning to get it 100k just in case.

417+271 heroware have Beryllium (Rare) instead of Cubic, someone put wrong, I updated the table, and now we miss 1 Cubic (Rare)

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I was spooked very hard at this scale of vandalization.
The moment I started to give up by thinking about the time it would take me to restore from scratch manually, version history saved my life.

This is a valuable experience. It teaches you to always have a backup of the stuff that is important.


This one has legendary H&C 201 pullet, uncommon muller cuisinier, and uncommon mr fusion reactor

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Uncommon items barely make a difference in performance, thus are excluded from the tracking chart, while all legendary items are already found. Please refer to Legendary Tracking Chart to see all instances, and fill in missing items if favorable.

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It took me a while to finish this idea, but I believe it was worth it.
Update: I’ve improved the automation. The main idea is to allow reporters to add 28 to cell A1 at any time they want instead of right after the last expiration.


I’m currently studying NDSE (just national defense stuff) so I only have access to the chart via mobile. I can no longer do “request site for pc” for the chart for some reason, while Google Sheets app doesn’t have “version history”, meaning the chart is vulnerable to any large-scale vandalism due to lack of monitoring.

All reporters have the duty to react fast to any kinds of vandalism out there waiting to hinder our progress.

Also expiry date has refreshed. Please spend less time preparing for the anniversary and report more sightings.
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