Legendary on 24

I’m asking my question, Rarity just changed on every star system with heroware.
What about legendary?
I need a galaxy map for legendary on heroware.
I got 2 legendary.
Hint:use screenshot if you get new legendary and
Constellation and star system of heroware should be located if he have legendaries.
Q:Did he got outdated for legendary moved into other star system? I haven’t see that.

There is 1 legendary of each item in the entire galaxy, and there are 115 Heroware stores, so good luck.

All the Heroware store rare items have been regenerated server-side.

I hate myself

I am almost done with collecting Legendary variations of all items, currently missing one Heat Sink, one Reactor and HNC 101. Will make a map once I collect everything.
What I can tell you right now is that the majority of the Legendaries are at the bottom part of the galaxy.

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