Legendary items - a little delusion

So I decide to spend somethink like 60.000 fuel to find all the legendary items…and after some houres of navigations I just realise that in 115 heroware there’s only 3 items a muller spacecraft 1 engine 1 heat sinks
a little delusion :zipper_mouth_face: i think that should be at leas 2 more 1 reactor and H&C spacecraft. and what about the weapos some legendary weapons&special weapons should be nice!!with some difference of power or maybe weapons upgraded!!
than on spacecrafts one of the diffrence between a legendary and a normal one should be the number of satellites slots!!!..

I have 100% galaxy exploration and I know that too. Hopefully the galaxy will be expanded when regenerated, and there should be at least one Legendary of each item, three Rares of each item and ten Uncommons of each item in the galaxy.

Fixed in v.24 :medal_sports: Bug


Someone may say that I’m selfish, but I think the frequencies should be 10 - 5 - 1 instead of 9 - 6 - 3.

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