Legandary ship

What is the weapon power limit of VF starling spaceship, if I bought it as legandary?
And how can I find anything legandary in the game?

Legendary spacecrafts don’t have increased firepower. You can find legendary items in some Heroware stores.

OK but if I bought an BX-08 spaceship as legandary
How much maneuverability does it have?

Even sometimes in shady dealer

A legend BX-8 will have 5.90ms/^2 maneuverability rate

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Ok but how can I speed my BX-08 such as careerist gamers
Because I bought hall effect thruster and upgraded it to 3 maximum
and maneuvering still so small (6.35)

Well, you can mount Maneuvering Jet to your config slot, it’s the only way to make BX be faster (6x is enough)

Really i didnt know :flushed:

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