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Hey, there! I have been playing CIU for over a year (with some breaks :sweat_smile:) and I really like the game’s concept. Being so different from its predecessors makes CIU unique and really fun to play. Before I start talking about League, I want to mention that this is my 1st time posting here so I don’t know how all of this here works. So, don’t get mad, OK? :sweat_smile:

UHF League


The concept of it is challenging other players to fly the same mission as you, and the one who has HIGHER SCORE wins. If a player wants to dare someone, he chooses a player which he wants to dare and then chooses 1 out of 3 available missions (variations could be Chicken Invasion, Boss Fight, Comet Chase, Squwak Block, etc.). The player who wins gets dare points and the other loses them. Pretty basic, but it is the new thing after all and it has a lot of potential.

Now let’s get on the rules.


There is not a lot of rules said to the player which makes a lot of it unclear. Even some of those rules in in-game help don’t make a lot of sense.

Weird rules in In-game help:
You can only dare recruits that are ranked similarly to you.
Not a case because the player could dare basically anyone from top to bottom of the leaderboard. It’s probably because it’s new so this one doesn’t count?

There is a daily limit to how many recruits you can dare in total.
Sure, but how much? I counted 11 dares and it’s a little unusual number of times :sweat_smile:
It could maybe be less or more, what do you think?

Unanswered dares expire (but they’re still worth some points)
When do dares expire and how many points?

I would like that those rules could be just a little bit more detailed. :grinning:

My experience
I like the League feature. I have been trying a lot of combinations of challenging others. From 0% difficulty to 100% on any mode with different ranks of players. Results were hilarious in some cases (winning a dare for like 1000 points :joy:) but sometimes pretty unclear.

I’m talking about dare points, of course.
Sometimes, if I won or lost a mission of the same type and difficulty, dare points would be different. No matter if I played with a player of higher or lower rank, points would always be different. Is that because of the final score or are the points completely randomized? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In my opinion, the League should be a little bit more special. It’s basically daily missions with live leaderboard. You are collecting points through completely normal missions and for what exact point? Is there or will it be some benefits from going up on the leaderboard?

Also, what is the meaning of 8 activity dots? Sometimes they are all green, sometimes not all. What do you think?


  1. In-game help should be more detailed about rules.
  2. Player can choose an objective for the mission so that it isn’t just HIGHER SCORE WINS. Objectives could be speed (Space race), most damage, food collection, unmountable equipment, Moron Railgun start, most medals.
  3. While choosing a mission, the player can see how many dare points would he get for a win and how many for a loss.
  4. Ability for the player which makes dare to choose which weapons could be used in the game and how much will spawn during a mission. Example: 5 weapons are allowed for this game: Plasma Rifle, Laser Cannon, Lighting Fryer, Ion Blaster and Riddler; 10 gifts of only these weapons will spawn.

Also, @ScarletCuboids has some good ideas to improve it.

What do you think? How is your experience with UHF League?
I have a lot of other ideas for CIU which I would like to share to make it even more enjoyable because I like this franchise and would love to see CIU success when it’s finally released!


The amount of points you get depends on the dare point difference between both players, for example if the higher ranked player wins then they won’t get a lot of points, but if they lose, then they will lose a lot more points than they could have won out of it


I wish it depend on mission difficulty and the difference amount of points between players.

Yeah, I like that too, but more objectives (including the difference in the score) would be more fun in my opinion :grinning:


Thanks for posting, @OriGinal !

Correct. Everyone started with the same points, that’s why you can dare (almost) everyone.

10 per day. Incoming dares are unlimited.

3 days. 50% of points.

Each dot represents a day. You ‘lose’ one dot for each day of inactivity.

That’s taken into account in v.66


Currently, I don’t have anything to improve it rn. Not because it’s already suggested before I pull the trigger but I ran out of it.

I only have one idea on UHF League: because once you start, there is no turning back, how about making it so you couldn’t surrender?

Well about my experience with the league I can say it was fun, I only had the opportunity to play only 3 times since these 3 players invited me to play, so thank you very much

persons (this players)

On the amount of waves they are quite good, they are not long or very short that in my opinion helps not to overload the mission since if it were 30 waves the truth would be quite tedious. I pleased with the option for configure the difficulty of the mission since for example if you want to play with someone by call they can configure it to their liking. As it is implemented in the game right now it seems to me quite good in a few words, personally I don’t consider that this is the best thing implemented in CIU but it does help a lot to replay, when you are bored of the missions to get a score or get to the podium, or simply wanting to challenge people to find out who is better.

The ideas I have in mind to be able to make the league even more fun may be that there are more types of competition since right now it is only getting points, maybe it would be fine who collects more food or even who eliminates more enemies (although in the latter it would be need a squad with waves that have enemies that can leave the screen).

The option of having “friendly” competitions, the difference with the normal ones is that no points are won or lost.

To be able to configure the wave template, being able to decide between 10/15/20 as a maximum of 40 waves for players who want to give their 100% by competing with another.

A competition between users of a squadron, that is, a table of potions between only them, in addition to being able to team up with another player, being able to do a 2 vs 2 (although this idea would be very difficult to implement).

Being able to add handicaps to the mission to have extra difficulty, for example that enemies do not drop powerups, food or even keys, that you can only use one super weapon per wave, etc. The idea is to add more difficulty and fun to the mission.

This will be my opinion and ideas of the league for now, maybe my opinion will change as I play more but in summary it is a good addition to the game and I hope I have more options to decide some mission because I really see potential, since for example You can create a tournament between players and someone can stream about that event (this as an example), plus the option to compete with someone and everything that has already been seen.


Awesome, can you put those answers as In-game help when the players click on League button for the first time so new players wouldn’t be confused @InterAction_studios?

Maybe, it’s not a bad idea. But what if someone really doesn’t care about dare points and wants to exit 100% difficulty dare if that person finds it to hard?

Yes, I agree, more customization would be good

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Some of this has already been done, but I don’t want to have actual numbers in the help (because that would quickly become outdated as things are balanced)


hey, @InterAction_studios Are these ideas profitable for the league? or are they very complicated to add? (leaving aside the idea of friendly games that was already added)

As you noted, already added.

Given that dares can be unsolicited (that is, the recipient may not want to play them) I’d rather keep these short. 10 waves is sufficient.

I’ve thought about competitions between squadrons, but that presents a problem that some squadrons are smaller than others (and hence not directly comparable)

You’d need to form “mini-squadrons” for that, which is a l lot of work (for me)

We may see some of those as options in the future. For example, a “weapon training” flag that will cause the weapon to change on each wave.


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