League challenges more options (Droid Raid, Retro and Hybrid)

I was wondering why does the league challenges doesn’t have these options (Droid Raid, Retro and Hybrid)

And i was wondering if league can get some unique trophy of some kind maybe

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We can’t have hybrid dares because the first and last stages must be of Chicken Invasion type, and dares can only have up to two stages. The wave limits would need to be increased so that this mission type can have the right to exist there.

As for Retro Invasions, they would be more farmable as dares than they already are as regular planetary missions (or should I say wormhole missions). Even if they weren’t, they would still not be suitable for dares. Retro Invasions are intended to be secret missions.

However, I personally wouldn’t mind seeing Droid Raids in dares as long as they are rarer than the other types of missions.

That is all I have to say about this submission. Thank you for attending my TED talk.

Why not :slight_smile:

Actually there’s other challenges that’s farmable as well, maybe making them available with less rewards or custom set(new levels) of stages might do the trick

I believe wave lists would have to be made scrollable, and it would probably end up being cluttered, which is detrimental to the UX.

Is that true @InterAction_studios ?