Lead Chicken

Health: 3750 (health do not scale through difficulty)
Appearance: It’s a chicken with iron covering it’s entire body. So much that it’s almost look like the mysterious ship. Despite completely iron-covered, it’s eyes, beak, and breed is still able to be seen behind the iron cover.
Appears on: 80% and higher
Attack: Iron Egg: The Lead Chicken drop an iron egg into your ship. Due to the density, the egg fall faster than regular egg.

The Chicken itself having a passive abilty that is 25% resistance to nuclear and metal type weapons. Which mean if Neutron Gun deal 500 damage to it, then it will get reduced by 25%, making it recieve 375 damage only. In the opposite, it’s recieve 25% more damage against hot and electric weapons. Special and Non-Aglined weapons will deal regular damage and Absolver Beam can ignore their resistance and kill it with a full blast.

so armored chkn but it throws an egg instead right

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And the fact it’s pretty much nothing like an armored chicken

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Why is it called Lead Chicken if it is iron-covered? Shouldn’t it be called Iron Chicken or be covered in lead?

That’s not how gravity works.

Chickens. In space. Flying.

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bullet sponges.

Isn’t that the same as armored chicken?

No it’s not even close. Armored chicken has no strengths and weaknesses, shoots 3 bullets at the same time and doesn’t have hp that stays the same regardless of difficulty. They are absolutely nothing alike.
Edit: unless you meant metal-suit chickens and not armored. I realize now that might be a possibility

What about using a bit of logic along with nonsense things?

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Yes yes i meant these. My bad


The chick but throw a mysterious ship like other chicks throw an egg

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