Laser Scope Upgrade

So I think the Laser scope just a cosmestic item so I want to buff it a little bit.
When equipped, it`ll increase main damage to 0.5% and each every upgrade add 0.1%.
Let me know what you think.


No. Not because the idea is bad, but because I think that the laser scope should remain a “cosmetic”. Could work with some buffs as a separate item.

Hardpoints in general are intended to be cosmetic-only items (though I might be wrong with that).
This buff wouldn’t add much damage anyway unless you equipped them on all slots


What if it deal 1 damage when pointed to chicken?
lol jk

I got the same assumption.

If I have to be serious I would make it a perishable (?). It would add 0.25% more damage with each atomic power-up.

I beg to differ, I would make it has a chance of critical hit to enemy per projectile. About 2.5% chance, with critical hit inflicts 50% damage higher, and can be upgaded.

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@Akemisora It’s a matter of time till Stardrone comments on that idea xd

Is he fond/despises crit mechanics?
Or is it because of his Spacecraft series?
And your profile pic is genius.

:sweat_smile: maybe xd

“WBP Photon Swarm comment sections vietnam flashbacks”


Time for L O R E H U N T

I didn’t want to reply but… You got me: I’m against that idea.

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Ok so, change wanted into want and spell “against” correctly. Then we can have a greater meme potential.

Yeah, the laser scope should be completely usseles.

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Is not 100% useless. It helps a lot aiming on zoomed-out waves.
Is not the best item but has Its prupose (like the parking droid)

RNG element is just spread out within the game and I can’t argue further.

  • Slob chickens’ counterattack
  • Attacks of some bosses
  • Corn Shotgun, Riddler, Photo Swarm
  • Whether an enemy will drop an item or not, etc.

Although critical hit would be a new mechanic in the game. Do note that this shouldn’t be at flip-a-coin ratios (50%).



I meant Photon Swarn… I swapped things again.

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