Laser scope idea

i have a very good idea.
laser scope change color.
we can change Laser Scope color.
red-green-orange-yellow-white and…
But the colors should only be bright colors.
please add!!!


I see no reason for such restrictions. Just let the players choose whichever color they want, bright or not.


I Will Accept Only If Tomato Is One Of The Colours We Can Choose From

Try “red”.

Wait a minute: how?

I mean, how on earth would you reject it?

Who gives a chicken about the laser scope?

It’s a laser. Lasers are cool.

I actually also found an earlier mention of this:

Can you tell me how Lazer scope work? I haven’t buy it yet

It’s juſt a vertical pointer above your ſhip.

Is it worth to buy it?

That’d depend on your ſpecific ſituation.

Answer: No.

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Already suggested.

Well, most of your weapons travel straight, so you don’t need it i guess. More like an aesthetic purpose

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