Laser Cannon Readjusment

Hi, Akemisora again.

This one isn’t gonna be a game changing rework or such, but just doing something to make it smoother. Today, let’s talk about Laser Cannon.

You can check it by yourself from excel data sheet that Laser Cannon falls behind the others in term of dps at early :zap:. And what worse is that it only can hit 1 target at a time before :zap:4. You don’t really need that huge damage for a single target at that level, most its damage output is wasted.

So let’s do some change
Here’s the chart of my proposed laser cannon, and Ion blaster for dps comparison.

Notable changes:

  • Dps will be always higher than Ion (exception for 0 and 2 :zap:)
  • Volley composition has been changed. It starts to have 3 laser at :zap:2 (was 4). This is meant to make it able to hit more targets earlier, and avoid overkills.
  • As you can see, its dpv progression isn’t linear. It’s staggered whenever it receives extra pair of lasers. But, it’s not a problem as you get extra targets for exchange.
  • B1 projectile is now 300 (was 250). It’s just for making some transition not that falls far behind Ion.

While anything else remains unchanged.

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