Lack of hard levels


I juſt wanted to regiſter a complaint: ſuper-hard waves are few and far between. I think that SSH + max difficulty ſhould reſult in quite a few all-miniboſs waves, but it’s been ages ſince I’ve ſeen one. Alſo, I don’t thing that the It Gets Cold in Space boſs ſhould have it’s ſpeed reduced on the hardeſt difficulty. I think that there ſhould always be ſome way for people to fly miſſions that they fully expect to fail.


Try Emotional Showboat in Aeacus, with only 2 lives. I recommend that you bring 3 damage amplifiers though.


I was clever enough to ſave a few back when all-boſs waves were a dime a dozen, but it’d be nice to find new ones.
Which planet is it on, and where is Aeacus? I’m currently in the middle of a miſſion.


It’s on the Adrasteia Constellation.


What corner of the galaxy is that?


To be honest, i never really had trouble with any Chicken Invaders game. Sure, i died sometimes, i made mistake sometimes, but for some reason i never really found it difficult enough. I think That CIU Should be more difficult, or have more difficulty settings