Korean Translation all finished (All fields filled)

Hello, recruits of UHF, I’m Dongjun Lee, from South Korea.

Phew… All translation line fields are filled in! It might take about 5 months, all done by myself.
By the way, even all fields are filled, there might be some incorrect translation, in grammar or context. When one of you recruits that speak or know Korean language very well, has some time, will you please review my translation and suggest some improvement? I’ll wait for your suggestion, and I’ll review it myself regularly.

Anyway, I appreciate Interaction Studio, CIU dev team, and recruit players to give me the chance to translate this game. Thank you!


good job!

damn you madlad, I am a Korean myself but I just couldn’t put my hand on it.
props to you.

Congrats! :partying_face: That’s no small feat, especially just one person doing it. I just finished the French one and I had a lot of help…

congrats on finishing your translation!
and now, you should beware and protect the translation from the translation breakers

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