Kiborg Egg [Mysterious Mother-Hen Ship]


It’s hardly original, or difficult.


I like the idea, but it should have more unique attacks.

Sorry RoboCat but my idea for ‘‘the return of the metal egg’’ is better than the ridicilous metal egg in the game. The Kiborg Egg needs control over our ship imo. My idea was sooooo messed up, but better than the stupid egg in the game:

Yeah this ugly guy is really confusing in the picture, blame me for this.
Also the Mysterious ship is the easiest boss in the game after Master Sqwaker. He needs a rework!

Well. That’s up to other users to decide.

Yeah. I don’t think so.

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His fast movement make it really easy. In ROTY he was a beast but here he even cant kill the player if go upside down. I am really amazed that there are not people who didnt mention except me that this is the easiest boss. The RoboCat Egg is 2 times better than the metal egg in the game.
EDIT: I dont say that my idea is good, i made an example of that the Mysterious ship needs more atack paterns.

Btw, I don’t think changing mechanics for a boss is a good idea, what I mean is rotating around the egg ala curved squawk block. Just feels wierd.

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Mysterious ship needs to ſtay the ſame, for hiſtoric reaſons, if for nothing elſe (although perſonally I like it). I think that there ſhould be more hard boſſes, deſigned ſpecifically for hard miſſions (>95-100%), as well as ſome more eaſiër boſſes, juſt to add variëty.