Keys notification bar

i have an idea
please add (Keys notification bar)!
To understand how many keys we have.
thank you!

Please explain. Would it just say how many keys you have each time you collect one? Seems unneccesary.

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The keys you’d have if you count the ones you got so far in the mission? Impossible. The game would have to also count all the multipliers,and I’m pretty sure that some of them depend on whether or not you beat the mission,and the game can’t really predict the outcome of a mission,now can it?

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You’d be wrong there.

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I would like it was possible. Maybe, in the far future someone invents a way to travel in time and someone travels to this time and introduces the futur prediction to the game and adds this to the next update of CIU (this is totally invented and aproximately the unprobable [probably it’s less] probabaility for this to be true is 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000001% or something like that).

We know a time traveller’s priority is helping a Early Access game about chickens in space approximetly 40 years after the invention of the world wide web, only to provide a direct and fast key annoucments with pre-calculated values from the future results of the player’s mission.

I can’t tell if your message is a joke xD but if not where did you get that procentage from?

Take a gueſs. :wink:

You mean his head? Oh golly gee I didn’t think of that.

Well, that term waſn’t the one I was planning to uſe, but in the forum rules I ſeem to recall reading ſomething about avoiding profanity.

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