Key Rushes


So the moon is in Cronus Star system

can yo add me in your contacts my name in the game is medo 2 to help me to travel to this star system and this moon

I have his name in contact but the problem is [Not enough fuel]

i have 6.6k fuel

So you have enough fuel from my postion

where is the the moon

where is robocat in the game can you give me the map

ok wait a sec

ok my friend

full galaxy should help

thank you

what happend if you fail a key rush mission??? will be able to have another chance…or the key rush mission… is just one time playble…no matter if you are a winner…or you are defeated!!!

Replayability would be exploitable

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What if they, like, moved around but were less common? So we’re earning less keys from key rushes on a per hour basis, but in the long run they don’t “run out” either?

You could even have it move every time a player plays the mission - so once someone finds and begins it, it shifts to another part of the galaxy. Becomes like a scavenger hunt.

Let me try in holiday, in a new computer and in new account

Edit:With a very very bad internet connection, bruh, i dont think what i needed more Rank levels

Actually I have an ideea :bulb:
The key rush missions should be one time playble… only if you are winner…
If you are defeated you should be able to have unlimited chances to survive …and the ideea is… for stoping possible exploatetion… if you are defeated you Will recive unlimited chances to be survival in this type of missions… but you will recive 0 keys if you are defeated!!!..or I don’t know maybe not so drastical you will recive Just 10% of the keys

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When you fail on a key rush mission:

Not a bad idea, but can be used to replay the mission whatever many times you want with a low cost of keys (or even 0 if you can go on mission without using any lives). If it’s one time only you don’t know what’s coming for you and it also tests your skill of handling the unknown.

(Goddamn CI4, if not that part we wouldn’t even discuss this horrible thing)

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