Key Rushes - they're too rare

Ok, Key Rushes; they’re good and all, and they’re a solid implementation in the game. But they’re way too rare. I was thinking of them appearing randomly like once every 10-50 missions flown in your inbox or the next planet you explore/a random UFO that spawns in a mission that when destroyed will open a portal/a random portal that will come near you every now and then that when interacted with will take you to a Key Rush mission.

And if you think this is too much, reduce the key amount from the usual 400-3000 to 200-1800.

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In order to prevent excessive key grinding.


I get the point, but I’ve only found ONE so far.
Like, I’ve explored 8% of the galaxy.
And all the planets I checked… just other missions.

Maybe just add some other ways to get more keys.
Aside from farming “Busy Poet” on Superstar Hero plz

i found one and i also have around 8%

they need to update the entire thing.

like add some other way besides spending all your keys on fuel to waste it all on some other places where there’s nothing good.

just buy more equipment

How’s that going to help?

well you wont spend them on fuel

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