Key ''Farming''

I need your opinion guys. In my Eyes the idea to reduce the key drop in update 36 was bad choice from the game makers. Here is my opinion from my point of view:

Now the Different difficult levels are useless, you will ask why.

I suppose that like me others play without Extra Lives and any kind of Bombs on Superhero difficulty, the reason is of course the % multiplayer at the of the mission. The waves are way harder you need the right weapon to make piking order etc etc etc. So harder waves longer time needed to clear the wave and more keys drop, so more points at the end of mission.

Now the key drop is so extrem reduced, but the prices are the same…

So far if i play a Mission with 20 Waves(Daily) Superhero no Lives no Bombs, playing slow collecting every peace of food/coin/key at the end of the mission i got around 120-130 keys and with the multiplayer i received 500+. In total 3 daily difficulty were over 1500 keys. Now its pointless to play Superhero and slow, the game is boring. In my Eyes i play now Space Invaders just on different Planets. What are my options`? I need to kill gazillion of Chickens in many many waves to get some Keys to buy stuff in game. I need to play fast because slow brings no more keys. So i use Easy Easy difficulty Standard Space Ship get 20 lives and 20 bombs with Forge Weapon and just blast true waves in 20 Sec. Where is the fun and skill for such a kind of play.

Yesterday Day i found out that we do have daily mission wich needs speed no skill :D. But why did you guys get us the fun to play slow for MAX Score`?

Do not wish to Offend anyone just need some more opinion to see how the ppl in the community are thinking.

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Regards Elfkiller

You know that there is no real bonus for having no extra lives and special weapons, right

The only things that have an effect on keys in a mission are the skills for the key spawn rate and the H&C spacecraft which give an equipment perk


I haven’t played much for a while, but I have tested the Absolver Beam in an easy mission yesterday and still get the normal amount of keys (1-2 keys per wave, SSH skill).

A lot of players complain about farming keys in Daily, Weekly (1 key = 11,111 points plus all other bonuses) and spamming Mass Condensers in Space Race to save time so the key drops have been reduced.

There’s probably a cap on time limit per wave, pass that point and no more key drops or a limit on how many keys can drop per wave, but this mechanic is kept secret to prevent medal-gaming (“purposefully vague”). I tested Absolver Beam on a normal mission on SSH and still get the normal expected amount of keys (1-2 per wave) even if I spend a very long time on that wave (because the weapon sucks).


No i did not. But now i know. Thanks for that. I taught it was like previous games extra % for no Lives Bombs Extra Hard play etc etc.

It’s not extra %, you just get a fixed amount of points for each life and missile you save at the end(for episodes).


Orandza can you please suggest what perk to use for Optimal % bonuses at the end of mission.

Thanks in advance

In CIU? I’m not that interested in farming. Unless you’re including score here, and not just keys


Yes for best High Score i mean not key farming

Well, SSH helps, of course. That’s really the only thing that affects the score in the end. You can make the missions easier by using stuff like damage amplifiers and bird-flus, though. That way, you’ll miss enemies less often. Also get plasma for precision if you want pecking order. But you also can’t kill too slowly, because there’s the multikill bonus, as well. And if you’ll use any ship outside of the bomber family, use either Muller 404(smaller hitbox than Muller 408. And yes, it’s a big difference) for 4 satellite slots or H&C 101 because of the +18% key bonus. If you use bombers…well, idk, I barely ever use them, so I don’t have tips specific to them


One last question. I see that the Satelites Cost a fortune, If i buy one can i use it at any new mission i start or have to buy one every time ?

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If you buy one, you’ll get to start the mission with it every time.


You can also buy Neutron Gun or Utensil Poker and upgrade it to level 8 so you can start with a level 8 weapon every mission (you must equip it in your spacecraft).

Daily Challenges are very winnable even without using any perishables or special weapons, so you shouldn’t really use them (but mount about 15 Damage Amplifiers, especially in Hard).
Killing slowly is almost never a good thing because you miss out on Multi Kill bonus - you want to kill at least 4 at a time. Exception is when you are waiting for chickens to allign the best for Pecking Order bonus. Note that using Special Weapons (Bombs, Damage Amplifiers) disable the Multi Kill bonus for the rest of the Wave, so only use them if you can’t kill the entire wave with your weapon alone.
Make sure to fill all your Satellite slots with Bird Flu Guns. They are very effective for the harder waves where you can’t keep up against the strong enemies or on the easier ones where there are too many enemies for the Plasma Rifle to clear. Make sure you play in M404 to have 4 satellites (and not M408 because it has a significantly larger hitbox).
I could go really detailed about this; if you want, join the CI Discord so I can talk about it easier. Chicken Invaders

Regarding farming, @InterAction_studios if the anti key farming measure is simply reducing the droprate over time, it could punish the players a bit too much for accidentally picking up a bad weapon or dying too much, when the actual problem in farming for Daily/Weekly Challenges is the points reward of a key (11k points!). How about reset the drop rate after dying/weapon change, or simply keeping it normal but making it so only the first key picked up each wave grants points?


all the grind for just 1 extra key from getting 1st place


Skill beats Farming, okay? Don’t farm.


If you say so :smiley: :smiley: :D. Where is your skill=?

One-Winged Lunarian IS me. :SaguCandy:


So cool you joined 1.5 Year ago and still dont have 100% exploration ;D.

I do it slowly.


You can explore the entire galaxy in a few days, it’s about whether you want or not, and there’s no reason not to explore as it gives you more than you spend. 1 year for an entire galaxy seems like an okay progression IMO.


No need to be rude.