Just my prediction

So it’s been nearly 1 months since the last update which is strangely long for a CIU update, I predict big things are coming in the near future, ma be June, may be July. Anyway, thanks for taking your time reading this topic, have a nice day/night

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My PC just brokened 2 week ago and CIU still not release new version

Well, maybe @InterAction_studios could they us what they are doing currently if they want. We wont be angry if they are taking a break!

I think it would be better for us to be surprised instead of wondering what is gonna be in the next update and over hyping about it, the game is still in early development ane it’s not officially released. The update will be done when it’s finished, just occupy yourself with something else instead of making a thread about basically nothing.

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CIU will release in 2021 with that speed. But it will be worthed for sure.


I don’t think so. Last time there were 8 days without updating “known bugs…” topic and all they added was something with “help”. So yeah, either something big or more likely some stupid problems with programming.

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Please dear customers be patient, iA is working hard on delivering the most complete game it can be, thy are taking long because earlier they were just porting old content to the improved engine, now they are actually coding new stuff in. (Probably)

Please don’t uſe that account on other topics. Creäte a “main” account to uſe in everything other than your joke topic.

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This is my main account whether you like it or not.

I told you. If you want to keep roleplaying do this in your joke topic. If you want to discuss in other topics create second account.

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And just who told you that we can only stick to our topic?

And who told you you can joke around not in off-topic? Obviously there shouldn’t be a humor ban, but a parody account shouldn’t do things aside from, y’know, parodying!

Where the hell EA joking here?

Where did I joke around? I don’t “roleplay” outside our topic, everything I said in my reply was serious. Also a few “jokes” in a reply won’t kill anyone customer. :wink:

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