Health: 1000 + (%Difficulty)

Appearance: It’s a chick with a metal juggernaut suit and a steel helmet with only it’s eyes visible through the small eye gap. Unlike Chickenaut, the Juggerchick is half of it’s size. Every 1/4 of it’s health depleted, their armor will begin to crunch and after 3/4 of it’s health depleted, the armor will break, revealing the chick.

Appearing frequently on low difficulty but less common on higher difficulty. Can be seen appearing with Chickenaut sometimes.

Attacks: Shoot 3 guanos at 3 different directions, If you hover your spacecraft near them, then they will shot 3 direct guano at your ship.

Drops:3-5 twin legs, Occasionary an Atom Powerup.

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new or inexperienced players would be very happy with an enemy that would be stronger than any other kind of chick. and you’re saying it would appear more frequently on low difficulty, did you even think this through


Basically, it’s a Coward Chicken on steroids.

Let’s just say it’s a way to introduce them to tough enemies to get them learning before moving forward to you know, SSH

Beside, it’s only have 1000+ health on low difficulty, which is enough for them to learn about tougher enemies and how they attacks

would be a good way to scare them away from playing this game, yeah


I forget the spawn chance of them tbh, there will be 25% on low diff while only 5% on higer diff. So yeah, it’s wouldn’t give them spook. yet.

About 10%+ difficulty, it’ll begin less appear often, so yeah.

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