Joke idea concept #3: RNG mode

A 10x10 with standard difficulty mode (similar to weekly)
Everyone starts with default h&c, 0 fp moron and 5 lives. Each wave will drop you an atom (placeholder) of RNG. It gives everything that exists in gameplay, such as ships, engines, weapons, equipments, etc; negative result such as chickens, bosses, lose fp, environments and such more


A 10x120 that doesn’t even drop atoms and charity firepowers. Weapon will be randomized, enemies projectiles speed is 400%, HP scales is +15k per waves. Every weapons will do random damages but never goes exceed 30 dmg, even with amps.

Did I go off-topic?..

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So your idea is:

  • Take weapons training
  • Makes it longer
  • Changes everything (Loadout) each wave (impossible to do with VGA engine)
  • Every wave is random (no leaderboards bc of RNG, so no rewards)

0 points! This is just weekly with RNG.

the title said it, just joke

Jokes must be original. and funny too. I was rating the joke.


would you agree if also a small chance to die instantly?

losing a medol will make all of us lauf.

Upgrade iron man where enemy’s projectiles ricochet the borders indefinitely till the end of each wave :joy:


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