Joining squads

can i join a squad myself?
if not please add this(@InterAction_studios)
or can someone add me?(name in game:ftgupp)

I own a squadron called “GuestSquad” that you can join and I can assign missions for you, but don’t expect my squadron will reach top 10 because I don’t play the game that much.

I can not join.
There is not an option for this
Can you add me ?

you must be invited by the Leader

I know that i just want someone invite me

I have sent the invitation.


Me too. callsign: rozivector :disappointed_relieved:

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^You are welcome in the Vulture Squadron.

Anyone want to add me? My callsign is same with this username

add me
my name is Eng Mahmod

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Thank you.


Which it isn’t.


I know that. I was trying to guide him in it’s future behavior.

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plz i need any squad

Was that bot-generated?


Well,it occurred to me because it seemed a lot like those bots at Microsoft Customer Care with names like “Suzie”,“Carla”,etc.

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