I've spotted a?

The planet Kappa Diocles 's

orbital trail seems to be missing
Can someone guide me?
Star system Diocles

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Try go there and see!

It’s not missing, it’s just stretched very thin because the planet is orbiting so fast. If you zoom out, you’ll see it.


How fast exactly?

I don’t know. But it’s the outermost planet so it tends to move faster because 2πr

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Where exactly is it on the map?

Idmon constellation (purple), far right star system.


That map screenshot is really cursed

Is that the fastest orbiting planet in the galaxy?

Also what’s up with the paths on the screenshot, and how is the entire map visible like that?


yes absolutely


Pretty much. The fastest one (Alpha Hestia) is only 1.2% faster.

(note that this depends on your definition of “fast”. Second-level planets (moons) orbit much faster, up to 2x as fast, but you won’t notice this stretching because their radii are much smaller)

Because I am the developer™.


Soo… will we get that feature sometime down the line? I mean the only reason you have a full map is because you’re testing it for a future update, right? Right?

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