I've lost all my progress

Everything was fine, but after installing version 126.2 on the phone (there was version 126.1), I lost all my progress.

Did you link your account with email? If yes,

Do this to sync your progress

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The problem is that it was in my linked email account that all my progress disappeared.

Have you seen a message like “Stale account. Resetting…” when logging in the first time?

Ah this remind me when i lost my account for 10 month this was very hard time don’t worry IA well help you

I didn’t have any message. Just go in and that’s it.

I probably should have asked that first, but what were the exact steps you did to link your account to an email first time?

I don’t know how this happened, but there are two accounts with the same e-mail for you. Your Android phone is linked to the ‘old’ account (ТайманТыма) but your Windows desktop is linked to the new account (:gem::gem:Т’äйм™:gem::gem:)

I have now cleared the e-mail from your old account. You’ll need to re-link your account using your e-mail (the simplest way to do this is to uninstall the app completely from Android, then re-install it and link your e-mail at the main menu “Accounts” button)


Uhh, what’s wrong with it. They can decline dare whenever they want. But only once, then they have to do a dare to decline another one

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Yes, I was able to get my account back.


About what?

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Why need to warn him when it was just a joke and not offensive

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Nothing here ???

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