It's for Discord Server

Who banned me on Discord in Chicken Invaders server? :sob::sob::sob:

It appears you broke some of the rules :confused:

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I haven’t done anything I haven’t done any trouble with lately

Well, thanks to someone’s bad luck, I already found the discord server without asking anyone

@InterAction_studios Can you unbanned me on Discord in Chicken Invaders server, please, because I miss talking with players on the server, please :disappointed::pray:

I don’t think he’s the owner of the server.

emerald is the boss as administrator

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do you agree

First: iA is not the owner of CIU Discord Server. It’s Emerald (not gonna give a ping noti to her)
Second: Don’t becomes a beggar after you threw trash talks to Enty.

And don’t be the second Ahmed Gouda (by getting a revenge on others)
That’s all :smirk:

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yeah no shit
you’re harassing everyone for not liking you just like that gouda cheese



just shut up and actually do something with your life (I’m talking to Saif not you Eric)

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On the screenshot provided by EnticalMintian you can clearly see that the only thing he said is that he will take a revenge. That’s what happens when people forget that quotations exist.

On your screenshot he said that he is angry. That’s all.


I don’t say you all are wrong, but at least give the proper information instead of spitting random stuff here and there.


Well then.
The one and only thing I could barely see is offensive messages caused the ban. That’s all
And yeah I apologize for my last mistaken.


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Idk if saif is legit just dumb and forgotten the reason why the dude was banned or just pretending to be dumb to be just a prick again. If its the latter oh im gonna be so mad

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I am very sorry, I did not mean to say this, I was very angry, but I was trying to be a good person, not a bad person. I was trying to be like Mahmoud, but I feel that I did not turn. I am very sorry for what you did :pensive::disappointed:

Heh, i’ve seen more worse things you said to people
It just that i’m lazy to find them but whatever, it’s too late for that now

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what who did?

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Idk man you just did the “my brother is the one who did it”, whether it is true or not you are deny that you are such a prick to people so yeah too late for apologize now.

I am not defending him but,

You guys are adding more excessive hassle than how it had been.

“I will take revenge” “I am angry with you”, How these absurd comments are offensive?, Just some light and child threats. How this calls you to go more fiery on this?. Least a normal person can do is removing his sight and thoughts about this and ignore.

Clearly such situations isn’t worth any of your attention. And ironically you are one being offensive.

At least provide some valid evidence and information that deserves treating that guy like that.

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Can you stop for god sake already? Let this topic be closed