It's ciu has trading mode

trading mode can trade item and space ship


this idea is a bad idea becuase it will make some drama things when someone get scam by other
this is my thinking ok

What about trading keys for the item they want? (only available at wormholes which have another player meaning they have to cooperate, and all players must have an email)

yes im actually scared of scam. This game will never have trade

Isn’t that, like, galaxy store?

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I know, but I forgot to mention there will be a discount on certain days and rarity will increase.
Also, I do not want people to trade each other’s item because of scamming so this is more like co-op store

Exploitable. We already have galaxy fluctuations as some kind of discounts, and rare items already appear randomly in heroware.

No, I will not be trading my entire spaceship with your single live.

can i have a legendary heat sink in exchange for a fresh new “rookie” skill?


Of course, why

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