Is this the end of the story?

so I’ve got this strange impression with my 6’th sense that IA got offended by the fact that I said that there’s 2 afwul waves (and actually it’s a shame)and basically need to deal with that and do something!
fine it does’t change anything about every thing that I’ve been all this years and I think that is gone to be some sort o an End of story!..but before the story ends I’ve got some thigs to get off my chest!

  1. My story!

I just realise that The Next Wave would turn on 20 this year!! :heart_eyes: for me that was the real beginning at the time maybe was 2004 I allready play the first chicken game and I did know that was another game…but how I found it?!
I remeber that I just come home from the school and some guy give me a cd with some games and the rest of the story is simple : insert the cd wow chicken invaders :heart_eyes: start playing then another episode and another one and here I am!

  1. My accomplishment in CIU

In the history of Chickopedia there’s somethink unique that I’ve done and nobody will take that from me and I mean NOBODY! I’ve became the first to obtain all the medals and the first no 1 all time leadears…I create the “history”

  1. The direction of the game!

A game with all this early access updates make you belive that the creator want to deliver the excellence as the best game available?! Maybe!!

Trust me when I said that I do like the game I really do but there’s some things that I don’t like!
that direction of very hard game…hardcore!! and do not make any mistake I’ve got some experience with this series…and when I said hardcore it means no fan at all!! wich this was the main reason to play this game!

I’m confused about somethink it a fan game? or it’s a game who wants to apply this extraordinary concept to put stuff from the past games together!! because if someone has and ideea and some sort of “powerful user” deny the ideaa will not make it into the game and maybe it should!! example I’ve got some medals for some ideas that originaly was not a good ideeas!! and someone mention and voilla medal :robot:…as well that someone’s got some medals with other’s ideas!!,and a conclusion: there’s to much funs implication in decisions!!!

Speak about the fangames! what I don’t like about it… especially when there’s some plans …as we know in CIU it was a PLAN…let’s make an example there’s some new bosses wich they are really cool…but why introduce new bosses when there’s this NINJA myth wich will fit very well with ninja chicks!! …same story with the waves…it’s just an example!!..why put new stuff when it will be good to finish first all the old stuff!!

How it’s possible that using superweapons (wich you spend keys to buy it) means cheating??..the super weapons become collectibles?? should disable only the clean sweep bonus instead! well the benefits for a CHL holder are JUST not enough!!

and there’s more stuff to say…but I think that’s enough like that!! …

…and Good Luck Chuck!! :100: :sparkling_heart:


What the fuck?


Because it’s a new game. Crazy that a new game would have new stuff, huh?


I mean. Didn’t imagine saltiness would drive someone to write a drugged textwall like this.

And even complains about something all other games do.

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i’ve read this 4 times and still don’t get it


Who told you that…?

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I don’t know what this is about, because I don’t READ

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Can i get a tldr


I’m pretty sure IA didn’t care about that. I bit… complained much more about way more important topics (not the modest way to put it, but I assure you it was more meaningful than 2 waves)

Now that was modest.

I mean, the first sign of that was with the famous v10 boss fights buff update. You could see how how the community was kind of divided between make the game hard, make the game fair, and make the game hard but fair. Later on we had safe/danger zones situation and probably some others. And I myself sold SSH and play on default difficulty because I got kind of bored of tryharding in CIU when there are much better players.

Also I don’t tend to correct mistakes in other posts but you can’t spell fun as fan. It’s 2 different things. For example fangame is a game made by a fan of something (or someone)

first CIU version was literally a ripoff of CI4 and CI5. Later on CI3 stuff was remastered to fit in. So CIU is absolutely a game that pulls from the episodes.

I think much more common was IA denying it. And he’s the admin so you know, the most powerful user.

Yeah, but does it matter in the end? Look at the frozen environment effect. It was mentioned for how many, maybe even years and made multiple posts. But in the end IA finally caved in and added that. Even adding frozen chickens little after.

ok, now I’m genuinely confused about you and your fun, fan, fan games and fangames. I thought I had an idea, but pls clarify.

I doubt ninja boss would be the best new boss in CIU. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be added, but focusing on it before making other bosses would maybe make some of them non existent.

Yeah I’m also in the camp (heh, more like 2-3 people at best) of bringing back all the stuff from older episodes, but we would miss so much if IA just focused on that before adding new things. (tho for real it’s high time we get the old content)

It always was considered making the game easier. Don’t know about cheating, but I never use any superweapons and satellites. It just makes the game too easy for me.

I think that’s something all CHL owners would agree with. CHL is just not worth it currently. I don’t know what could be made to make it ok, but there needs to be something that would make this purchase good.

Cmon, I know you’re not new on CIU forum. We had many salty textwalls during these 4 years. (I even made few)


this one was new to me but eh.

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