Is this a good idea

Idea for V 78
win crates when you win a spesefic mission challenge or top 10 awards the crates have greater rewards for higher rankings the crate contains
100 to 500 keys and items [high chance of getting insights]
and weapon upgrades [25 percent chance]

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Didn’t exactly understand, but you can buy and upgrade anything you wish with rewarded keys.

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What if it added in V 79?

Can’t understand.

Why The title is good idea?
Even the best ideas don’t added.

Are you sure

._. That idea was not great.
0☆ from 10☆
You just want to add your ideas that even people don’t like?


Going around his short temper and the somewhat poorly writing, I don’t consider his idea all bad.

If I didn’t get it wrong, he’s suggesting like chest rewards for completing certain missions and a top 10 players in the ranking to get a reward chest.
I actually support the ranking reward idea, (although I’m not sure if it’s something that’s implemented or not), but rather than top 10, top 5, the top 5 ranked players to get a reward for their effort in the game, but 100 to 500 is wayy too low of a reward. I’m thinking 5th place would get 1k keys, 4th 2k, 3rd 3k, 2nd 4k and 1st 5k. To have it be an actual reward and not just pocket change.

All in all, a potentially good idea executed poorly.
Still +1 for the ranking one.
But a -1 for the reward from mission one.


Being new and old too, I am so lost on when to upgrade what and how to earn enough keys to stay afloat. Also how to use more than one weapon while playing. I have like the first two rows of spots open to add things but can never earn enough to do much more than buy more lives. I was really bummed to find out that collecting the chicken legs doesn’t buy you more lives here and that your power level ups earned go away for each level. Just 2 cents worth and a cry for any help with how to find out what to do to “progress” and I just realized my currency to buy things is that of another country and not sure why. Thanks for any help.


I highly agree with you, unless you’re not a ‘regular’ or an ‘expert’, this game is highly confusing and unwelcoming to new players and how to have them get their way around.
Now I haven’t tried out the tutorial, but I doubt it lets you in on how exactly you should manage your keys.


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Perfect Idea Of Get Crate when win mission

I have been totally lost but love the game. I started playing it when it was new, laughing as the movements were galaga with chickens and you didn’t live long and couldn’t save your progress so this is too much fun. Only thing about being old that is great is we are cheap fun. I purchased the new medal thing to support the game and will probably never be able to use it. Thanks for all your help.!!!

You can convert food to keys in space burger store

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