Is this a Bug or it's my internet connection?

I was playing a SSH bossrush multiplayer, and on the “Chicken expotentiality” wave the host lagged and this laser cannon chick’s hitbox was moved to the right*. This happened to the other ones, but after killing it evey other hitbox was clearly normal. I can’t tell if it was my wifi or not, any answers?


probably isn’t your connection but the host’s

Could be either.

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but the network bar in the screenshot isnt red

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Ah. Right
Edit: n’t

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It was a huge lag spike


maybe its yours then

I guess you’re right then, maybe it was my connection…


@InterAction_studios pls fix the wing streak :(((
Screenshot 2022-01-10 163548

It’s in the correct position, just drawn behind the texture. If it was above, we would see a cut-off.

what cut-off?

Xd imagine the boss hit box behind you and the image is in front that would be funny and frustrating at the same time

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