Is there a way to save my account?

So now i may be very inactive because I have lost interest in the game but I spent a year working for this.
So can I save it?

1: Login and play at least 10 mins, and at least 1 hour per week (or maybe 4, I can’t remember)
2: Buy CHL will make your account becomes immortal.

Any IAP saves the account from being removed. There even is no line in CHL description that would suggest that it’s the only item that does that.

Me : Hey mom can I get an CHL
Mom : No but i can give you a funeral


Well I haven’t played much in months, but I assume my account is still there. I’d be a bit sad to lose with how much I grinded in late 2022-early 2023. Might check now actually to be safe.

I thought IA said that any account that is registered with an email and has more than an hour of playtime is safe for now though? @InterAction_studios

Ah what the heck I haven’t played in ages, I’m gonna run the anniversary mission again. Wish me luck. Glad my stuff’s still there. Somehow I have no spare lives but a ton of mines and missiles in inventory.

(It’s multiplayer, come join if you want)

Shouldn’t be necessary. As long as you have at least an hour of playtime and a set email, you should be safe.


That’s correct.


it would be awesome with a recovery account or phone number

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