Is there a basic "How to Play" anywhere?

There are a number of things I’m just not figuring out. Is there a set of game-play instructions, aimed at players of previous versions or otherwise?

For example: I’ve been collecting food, but I don’t see what use it is. Used to be that it was cashed in for missiles, in previous CI versions, but obviously that isn’t happening now.

I’ve bought a couple of weapons, such as the Hypergun, including having upgraded it a couple of times. But I’m not seeing any effect of having done so. Do I need to activate it, or mount it, or something like that?

Stuff like that.

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Food can be exchanged into keys by going to the space burger.

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You need to mount it.


Sorry, there’ no manual yet :frowning: .

On the left side of your galaxy screen, choose the 2nd icon (that looks like a pilot helmet) and then “Fleet” and “Loadout”.

On this screen you can mount purchased equipment onto your flagship. If you don’t mount them, they won’t have any effect.


First time a player goes to a Space Burger place:

Space Burger: You’re here to sell us food?

Player: Yes!

SB: Thank goodness! Our supply lines have been cut!

SB: We’ll be happy to buy as much as you want to sell!

SB: If it’s completely fresh, of course.

P: Of course.

SB: And you haven’t handled it at all?

P: Definitely not.

SB: Great! You’ve got a deal!

P: So how did you get your supplies before?

SB: Oh, we had a number of agents.

SB: Who brought it in completely fresh.

SB: And definitely did not handle it at all.

P: … Great. Urp