Is the egg cannon capable of reproducing the yolk star?

The mother-hen ship in CI4 is a yolk with a wired shell, and we see the Cannon launch blank versions of this shell. Besides the implications in CI3/4 that the mother hen ship (and thus other bosses) can be recreated infinitely; does this also mean the Yolk-Star and MHS got fused? The Yolk-Star’s core is just a floating yolk you target directly which moves randomly.

If so, it gives a very Frankenstein vibe to the Egg Cannon’s abilities, recreating and even fusing bosses.

EDIT: This is not a suggestion or idea. It’s a theory/reflection on the game lore.
I thought i had tagged it as such…

@PlasmaX I cannot make further replies as it’s my first day posting.
Should also note that yes, a final stacked boss is a bad idea. Although we already have variants of this in the Yolk Star itself + the Cannonade, and also boss gauntlets rarely having Henterprise immediately before or after Yolk-Star/Egg Cannon etc.


Final boss shoots final boss, and for this idea, probably not.


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