Is Multiplayer not working?

I try to get into any rooms to play and sudden found this
Did @InterAction_studios close it or just my problem ( even my friend got this too)?

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ye its same for me. may its just a bug.

wat happened to multiplayer man i cant go too

It’s not just me, it’s also my partner. Since Server #683 came online we can’t do online games at all. What did you break?

Hmm… odd.

Fixed. You’ll need to logout/login before it’ll work.


Even if it is working it will be really really, REALLY annoying while joining someone, you will encounter high ping which will result you slow fire, orange plug on midle screen and log out itself, unable to use weapon booster, slow moving spacecraft even if you have a fast one (cough…) raven, lack of move or even or freeze for some seconds and die you don’t know how did you die this is pretty much annoying.

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