Is CIU a true successor to the Chicken Invaders series?

I am veteran chicken invaders player .I have played all previous iterations of CI . So far, my favourite was CI4,

because -

  1. Its simplicity. Its one of the few games that was simple yet enjoyable , simple but not giving a feeling that something is lacking.

  2. IT was free to play : This is one of the reasons why i chose CI4 to be my favourite, not CI5 [ that game had awesome graphics and all , but it was not free ]

  3. The plot : CI4 has the most tightly woven plot in the franchise. CI5 on the other hand has a somewhat loose plot, compared to CI4.

4.The narrations : One of the reasons why i truely liked the franchise

5.Storyline : All 5 previous iterations had a story, but CIU - doesnt .

Now , i am Ok with the fact that CIU doesnt have narrations and storylines because it is a different game compared to the rest of the series. I have played games like CIU but the problem is that since CIU is a different type of game , it may not attract those who played the CI Franchise .

MORPG Games like CIU, COC are great but complicated. They can take a slice out of your life.
If you dont play them everyday and play with dedication you’ll fall behind the others and eventually you quit the game because its not enjoyable anymore.

So here are my issues with CIU

  1. The interface

Its not as simple and streamlined as previous iterations. Sometimes the UI can be complicated and confusing. It doesnt look like previous iterations in the CI franchise.
The menus can be cluttered and cramped . The UI needs a rework.

  1. The Pay to Play elements

I just played the game and discovered that there is this thingy called a UHF license or summat you have to buy with real money to get access to all features.
Now , having P2P elements is not bad, but unless implemented properly , it can create a vast gap between the players who spend in the game and those who dont. Eventuallly the non paying players will leave the game :frowning_face: . Thats the problem with games like COC and Asphalt 9.
I suggest that some of the features in the license thingy should be made free to all players.

  1. The Complexity

The game seems rather complex , coming from CI4 and CI5. We now have to equip powerups before every mission and in case we forget we will have to be sorry { especially extra lives } . Whats more , these missions are too long and time consuming .There are several bosses in each mission with dozens of waves. Its not possible to play this game during your free time at the office becuase of this. Its a game that requires dedicated effort and time, which contradicts the CI franchise’s slogan.
Another thing is the tier system . Even after playing it for 2 days i still dont get the hang of it. .It seems too complicated a thing , coming from CI5. Compatible missions are hard to find for low tier players.
The tier system is good feature that has not been implemented properly in my opinion. Perhaps they should reduce the number of tiers and so on.

I suggest that IA should fix these issues. Its not too late since the game is still in its early access stage.

IA should have a look at Beach Buggy Racing 2, one of the most simplest games apart from CI4 . The UI in that game is so streamlined and simple.

I hope IA hears me out.


It wasn’t. It was just available to be pirated. All CI games from CI2-5 are paid. You’ve pirated them.
Here’s the link on Steam, btw:

I agree here.

I disagree. CIU is not time-based unlike the games you just quoted and is not PVP. You can just progress through it slowly and steadily and still enjoy it because it’s largely single player, still.

…seriously? Just wait for CI6. CIU is an entirely different beast and it doesn’t have anything other than the MMO aspect. It’s non-linear. Without it it’s nothing. In my opinion, that’s what makes it CIU. In my opinion the game could give those equipment for completing things in-game to make things easier. But honestly if you’re complaining about that I wonder how you get to the fridge for snacks if you’re that lazy.

…? The missions shouldn’t take longer than twenty minutes each. Unless you’re talking about Weeklies, those aren’t required for progression. The game is also very forgiving, you can pause in the middle of a mission and pick right off from where you left.

There’s virtually no gap between paying players and non-paying players. CHL is a vanity item currently and is in my opinion a waste of money because it gives virtually no benefit to the player experience.

Then what’s the point of it? If it’s available to all players then it can just be the base game. The game needs to make money somehow.

Do your job. Games are for free time, not in between work hours.

What slogan? Previous games were single-player, and you could pause them. The campaigns are all a few hours each, which still requires “dedicated time”.

What’s complicated about it? You get score, you tier up. The more you tier up, the more missions you can access. I think it’s rather obvious.

Yeah, it’s real fault of the game to not point players in a direction that can make it really, well boring sometimes. Though iA has not seen fit to implement such a system yet. I think a quest sytem would really work.

Hmm. Maybe the should. There should be more rewards associated with it.

J Jonah Jameson Laugh - Spiderman - YouTube
Three years, and the game hasn’t moved much. Good luck on that count.

You might want to check this topic out too. It’s much more detailed, and more informed than your analysis.

why is yt and steam embed not working anymore


I wouldn’t call it a RPG, at least because every player has the same role.

Also known as CHL. The only thing you can’t obtain without it is super hard missions and challenge which is not something every player can pass. The latest models of spacecrafts with CHL badge can still be bought even without the license but they’ll cost more for you. Technically, you aren’t losing anything.

For most missions (except league challenges) you can Cancel it at the first wave to equip something you’ve forgotten. At 2+ waves this button turns into Surrender and will still be counted as played.

Currently the gap is only related to player’s skill and maybe heatsink.

If you press Disconnect at the middle of any mission, you’ll start at the same place after entering the game later. In challenges you’ll be disqualified from the leaderboard for using it in mission few times.

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Adding to all of this, there is no penalty for failing missions. You don’t lose anything, and you can retry, except for competitive.

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