Is Chicken Invaders going to return to Google Play (Android Mobile)?

Now I’m no mobile player, I can play on PC just fine without really missing the inferior Android versions, but I was like gonna do something and thought of getting CI3 on bluestacks in order to do that thing, but none of the CI games are available on google play, I did read that it was because of the editions being “repetitive content” and it made google terminate the entire InterAction account from google play and that there was an appeal that might have to take for weeks, this was all in May by the way, it’s 28th of October now (Why is chicken invaders removed form the Google play app? - #2 by GgWw1175).

Now I have no idea if I’m just flooding the forum with bullshit but my question is, are the CI games ever going to return on Android, like are the editions going to be bundled into the main games to prevent that “repetitive content” bullshit?


right now the main focus is on CIU, and packing seasonal editions as a bundle for each episode may work, but that depends on whether iA wants to work on them and publish them under a new account, or the betacom account

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News Android games temporarily unavailable 2021-05-12
All of our Android games are temporarily unavailable, because Google unilaterally and unfairly decided to terminate our account. We have appealed this decision, but it could be several days or weeks until the issue is resolved. We’ll post any developments here.

Wait, your topic is all about CI on mobile, but why did you put my link on a post which is irrelevant.

You pasted a link on my post where I ask why there are no keys rewarded in squadron activity award.

Next time, put appropriate links on appropriate topics, thank you

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Oops, might have placed in a wrong post while linking, sorry my mistake, meant to link the post below, but I’m sure you can just scroll down, anyways gonna try to change the link now.

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I see, well best of lucks to them, mobile versions aren’t really the versions I play unless I’m not home or something but yeah still sucks that they’re for now not available, anyways best of lucks to iA if they ever manage to return them.

I am sure they will return to google store

A solution for this (if putting it in Play Store is not possible) could be adding the .APK files of the games to the protected downloads page when you have purchased a game from

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