Iron Chicken (Magnetic Manipulator Boss) spawn gray asteroid in hot enviroment

I don’t know if this glitch is known, but, on latest version*, the magnet boss spawned gray asteroid even when I’m in a hot* environement, plus, the chicken and the rock around him are red like they should be
Here is screenshot


oh rlly?

and if you suggest it. I heavily disagree. @SA-GoldenBoss128 already took away the asteroids ability to spawn both gray (normal/asteroid) and red (hot/lmeteor) anywhere and I won’t let this boss meet the same fate.

EDIT: I was kinda wrong about the asteroid part but I still disagree

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It’s like that to avoid confusion. I suggested before to make them look similar but iA wanted to leave it like that.

Now you better stop there or else @ScarletCuboids is gonna turn into Donny V2.

ucho 69 when
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And magnetic manipulator spawns hot asteroids on regular environment

Yeah, we know it’s switched.

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