Iron chef ramen toss

Hello, this is a stupid idea I know but I’m pumped to suggest it anyway

Basically, I gave iron chef 2 new attack but instead of throwing veggies and fruits, he throw ramen bowls instead.

It’s basically the reversed of the two attacks but he’ll move during single throw and stand still during double throw (but faster) and the half-ring of ramen too.

Chef will do this when >110%. It’s stupid and he can use the ordinary stuff and Iron chef is giving free ramen.

Free Ramen!!
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:ramen: :ramen: :ramen: :ramen: :ramen: :ramen:

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This gave me some ideas about Iron Chef should throw something else, like kitchen tools (bigger projectiles)

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Are u joking with Iron chef?? :joy: Too Fanny.
And what happen if I take :ramen: it?

The idea is not bad and it does make sense, him being a chef and all, but this idea looks more like it was made with the intent of self-insert rather than for the idea itself.

I’m aware of it. Let’s say it’s both yes and no.

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But the iron chef only throws vegetables and fruits =_=
If possible, let the iron chef throw more dishes like sushi, tempura, etc.


Or this with new attack

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