Iron Chef bug?

When i was playing in a multiplayers room, i saw the iron chef boss, the boss is very normal until he throw his shirt, he throw the shirt sometime, i don’t know this is bug or not


This must be a joke from iA bruh :skull::skull::skull:

:skull: I can’t tell but this is hilarious Lmao


multiplayer issue, won’t fix

omg wtf

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Uhh… this is very odd. My initial guess would be that the apron is supposed to be a food item, but your graphics driver is simply selecting the wrong texture for some reason. But in your second screenshot you can clearly see the garlic drawn on top of it, so… I don’t know what to think. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Have you noticed this as well?


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I think is yes, but it was a while ago when i used pretty old laptop which mostly had laggy issue in large multiplayer and rarely caused some unexpected wrong texture usages.

I don’t have any screenshot for this sadly, but you can tell it because old graphic drivers.

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