Ion Blaster redesign (Outdated)

Here is my ideas on the Ion Blaster, I want the strong Ion damage from 425 → 650 because:
One regular Ion deals 300 damage but for double Ion deals 600 damage (maybe added in :zap:20). So I think Strong one should be spared a few more damage
Volley on Paint
Base volley damage: 4950 damage

this would result in a 50% (???) increase between fp 10 and max power

I dont think Ion really needs any changes


I reduced the fire rate and Overheat time at least. Do I have to reduce more. I would like to revive the Double Tip. But only 2 between the middle Strong Tip

The double ion was removed for a good reason, which is because some people thought it’s two projectiles when it’s actually just one. We have the big ions replacing the double ones anyways, so I don’t get why you want them back. Leave the weapon as-is.


Then well the Strong needs to be buffed for fair

But I will agree your saying

what the heck is that damage progression

We need the exact opposite of the current Ion Blaster

The original point behind removing the double ion was to give Ion Blaster an edge over Utensil, by improving its volume of fire/crowd control. The strong ion was simply artistic licence on IA’s part, replacing the added regular ions on :zap:10 and :zap:20 (and it actually ended up being massively helpful for further rebalancing, as mentioned below).

It doesn’t. There is no requirement that strong projectiles have to deal direct multiples of weak projectiles’ damage. It’s the case with most weapons simply because it makes it easier to wrap your head around the progression, especially if you need to design new volleys, like what was done with Hypergun for example. Ion’s :zap:0-9 progression is about as simple as it gets, and the strong ion just determines how strong the two last power levels are.
The strong ion’s relative damage was lowered from from its initial value precisely to avoid having to redesign the :zap:10 and :zap:20 volleys from scratch (or rather, it didn’t even cross my mind to do that). It’s just much easier to tweak a single number than to take away or add projectiles.

I can also assure you that the strong ion projectile is not capable of perceiving fairness or unfairness, nor can it feel bothered by the current state of affairs. You needn’t worry about that.


Yes,ion blaster need buff dame

No, its superior against Utensil Poker at several points
The main disadvantage is projectile speed, which were improved by Strong Ion bullets

Um! Do you guys need me to reduce the fire rate more?


Right, true. But the double ions certainly were confusing for some, definitely one of the reasons why they shouldn’t be brought back.

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the flash version of ci2 and ci3 even had a triple ion bullet :v

why would anyone want these to return


I don’t see how your proposed number being greater than the current one is supposed to make it any better.

It’s typically better to have a weapon perform in a consistent manner across power levels. Slowing it down for max power is not a good call.

I think it’s quite clear that most of us here are not in favour of this suggestion. What I think you should do is drop it.


OK. I understood the firerate

the ion blaster do more damage

Ok. My final answer is only increase the Big Ion damage
Note: No more Double Ion or Triple Ion

Remember that it is still not worth the damage of the Full Charged Absolver Beam at level 20 which is 18000 damage