Invasion idea

I think that planets that have been invaded by Henpire Forces should have chickens floating on the planet (Which are invaded)! And when you beat every mission from the planet, the chickens will disappear or if you have done half of the missions there will be small amount of chickens floating on the planet or some planets should show red dots of which have been invaded.


What do you think? @InterAction_studios

Maybe an event like that, most 3 scored people wins keys, a special skin or name in somewhere.

Will the chickens be visible only to you? Consider two players: player A hasn’t played any missions on a planet, but player B has played all missions on that same planet. Do they see different things?

Good solution for this

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Yes I do, player A didn’t do any mission on that planet so the chickens would be visible for him, it only depends of players who has done the missions, so the point I am making is that if the Henpire Forces really want to invade the whole galaxy at least some chickens should be flying on the planets which have been invaded. if the player did the missions on the planet then shouldn’t be visible to him/her.

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What about chickens floating on the planet?

Like Egg Cannon or just some bosses and small chickens.

Good idea, but i am worrying about bugs and stress on the CPU

I have a solution to that, I know that the galaxy is huge so when you zoom out/in you will only see the chickens that are nearby star system.

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If we have boss rushes or what else, we need to see the Henterprise for example who is bigger than all planets in the galaxy(even some of the suns).


I agree.

Like in those cutscenes where Egg cannon shoots at one of those planets, everybody wants to know how big egg cannon and other bosses are.

If we ſee the boſſes, they ſhould be clickable and have boſs ruſhes with juſt that boſs at increaſing difficulties.

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