Interstellar Highway overlap and "Some" Star System


In Eucleia constellation, the Interstellar Highway path between star systems Gyges and Hecate passes directly through star system Titan, in Clytemnestra constellation. Such overlaps have been known to cause issues when combined with Warp, Interrupted and were usually corrected when found.

Also, in update 10.1 changelogs:

that star system is still present in the game.


Wait. Where the system overlaps sypposed to be ajusted, or a I think they made it so when you interrupt warp you are in that specific starsystem.

Yes, they made it so if you interrupt inside an unexplored star system it becomes explored automatically. But, I guess it’s worth noting that there are still the cases where that’s possible. Issues about the same path were noted before, and at one moment it was actually fixed (notice how there is no Titan star system in the middle).

The galaxy wasn’t regenerated yet, that’s why it’s still there.

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